Speaker For Hire

Kymberlie Ingalls is available to speak on many topics as listed below.  Her experience and knowledge covers a variety of areas in and out of the literary arena. 

  • Books:  Bridges, My Blog Book, vol. 1 and 43
  • A network of popular blog sites, including Writer of the Storm and Neuroticy = A Societal Madness
  • Longtime membership with the California Writers Club, extensive board work and past officer positions, including Berkeley Branch President
  • Instructor of Creative Writing for Pleasant Hill Adult Education Center
  • Experience in starting/maintaining critique groups
  • Panel moderation
  • Editor and writing coach, having worked with authors who have gone on to self-publish or with independent and traditional publishing houses
  • Guest blogger
  • Leader of monthly marketing presentations

Segments are available for viewing here:  YouTube

  • Craft - memoir, personal essay, writing exercises, short stories, flash fiction, current trends, beginnings and endings, letting go of words
  • Marketing - platform, current trends, video marketing for authors, branding, collaborative strategies, seasonal marketing, what you should and should not be doing on your own
  • General - the art of listening and applying it to writing, why and how to find an editor, staying inspired, why to write, how to improve public speaking and readings



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